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Webcast Transcript: September 8, 2009

Seven Sequential Points' on Science,Economy, and the Future of Humanity

Economist JOHN HOEFLEexplains the upcoming financial crash in USA.



Lyndon Larouche Webcast September 8.2009

The most important Webcast to date !

Be Certain to watch this !


LaRouche Webcast: June 27, 2009

Njasta Webcast fr Lyndon Larouche.

Lyndon Larouch.

Cleveland, Ohio Passes LaRouche’s Homeowner and Bank Protection Resolution

May 2, 2009 (LPAC) — On April 20, the Cleveland, Ohio City Council became the eleventh Ohio city to endorse the Homeowner and Bank Protection Act. The resolution was sponsored by two Cleveland City Councilmen, Joe Santiago and Kevin Conwell and was passed unanimously, 19-0. Cleveland is the second largest Ohio city with a population of 478,000. It sits in the middle of the rust belt, and has been decimated by the combination of industrial collapse and urban deterioration. One in twenty two households are in foreclosure in Cleveland, and the state has over 90,000 households in foreclosure. In addition, unemployment in the state has soared to 9.4% “officially”. However, that will be further exacerbated by the deliberate destruction of the auto industry, which now includes plant closings at Chrysler and GM factories from Toledo to Lordstown. Over the past three years, the Cleveland City Council has endorsed two other resolutions initiated by the LaRouche PAC, i.e. the Economic Recovery Act to retool the auto industry, and the Emergency Agricultural resolution to double food production world wide at parity prices.

Lyndon Larouche.

August 22, 2007 (LPAC)--The Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee is mobilizing to get Congress, on return from recess after Labor Day, to enact the Homeowners and Bank Protection Act of 2007. This is legislation that Lyndon LaRouche proposes as the only means, at this late date, for stopping millions of home foreclosures and evictions this year and next, and for launching a larger process of bankruptcy restructuring of the U.S. and global dollar-based financial system, which is now already doomed. Governors and state legislators all across the United States will enthusiastically join in this effort, which some leading bankers and Democratic Party figures, briefed on LaRouche's proposal, have already declared is "doable" and the "only salvation" for the American people.

Here are the essential features of the Homeowners and Bank Protection Act of 2007:

1. Congress must establish a Federal agency to place the Federal and state chartered banks under protection, freezing all existing home mortgages for a period of how ever many months or years are required to adjust the values to fair prices, restructure existing mortgages at appropriate interest rates, and write off all of the cancerous speculative debt obligations of mortgage-backed securities, derivatives and other forms of Ponzi Schemes that have brought the banking system to the point of bankruptcy.

2. During this transitional period, all foreclosures shall be frozen, allowing American families to retain their homes. Monthly payments, the effective equivalent of rental payments, shall be made to designated banks, which can then use the funds as collateral for normal lending practices, thus recapitalizing the banking system. Ultimately, these affordable monthly payments will be factored into new mortgages, reflecting the deflating of the housing bubble, and the establishment of appropriate property valuations, and reduced fixed mortgage interest rates. It is to be expected that this process of shakeout of the housing market will take several years to achieve. In this interim period, no homeowner shall be evicted from his or her property, and the Federal and state chartered banks shall be protected, so they can resume the traditional functions, serving local communities, and facilitating credit for investment in productive industries, agriculture, infrastructure, etc.

3. State governors shall assume the administrative responsibilities for implementing the program, including the "rental" assessments to designated banks, with the Federal government providing the necessary credits and guarantees to assure the successful transition.

By September-October, unless this legislation is enacted as a first order of business of the 110th Congress in September, many millions of Americans will be evicted from their homes, setting off a process of social chaos that must be avoided. The freezing of foreclosures is the vital first step in a thorough reorganization.

Under this plan, the Federal Reserve System will be, itself, put through bankruptcy reorganization, and transformed into a Third National Bank of the United States. As developed in Lyndon LaRouche's just-released draft platform for the Democratic Party, these actions shall be complemented by the creation, by treaty agreement among leading nation-states, of a new Bretton Woods System, based on fixed exchange rates, and long-term treaty agreements for large-scale development projects on a global scale.

LaRouche said the foreclosure tsunami is occurring, not in a mere housing crisis or mortgage crisis, but a disintegration of the entire global financial system. There is no bottom to this collapse--unless a legislative fire-wall is created now, and a halt to the income drain on the population, brought on by the hyperinflationary debt bubbles created by Alan Greenspan and his ilk.

Til n.

Gu og gfa fylgi r
lfsins vegfer inni.
Jess Kristur verndi ig
lkama,sl og sinni.

Nja sland.

Jess Kristi vi fum ljs,
ljsi sem eilft mun skna.
Hann elskar ig sland,
stfagra fagra land,
og alla ba na.


Slin verur t rtt,
a dma rtt fr rngu.
Hn mun dma srhvern ann,
sem miklu illu veldur.

v sti dmur er hverjum eim,
sem illan verkna fremur.
A vera a dma sjlfan sig,
ur en dauinn kemur.

Srtu Sann Kristinn og gerir rtt,
mun lfi og slin skna.
Himna fairinn mun blessa ig,
og parads r sna.


Syndaselirddu um
og geru arfir snar.
Hlekktu ig skulda bl,
og geru skuldir snar,....nar.

A kga flki,a gaman er,
er eirra stu gildi.
eir blindir eru tilgang lfs
og sitja eigin gildru.

Gara djfull me hnefanum,
htar llu illu.
Krefst af okkur gullsins,
sem kgararnir stlu.

Hrna situr djfullinn
og leikur mrgum skjldum.
Satan Case Morgan og IMF
a svikrum standa me gldrum.

Slar ttri fjtra er
dkkum myndum hugans.
eirra helsi stjrnar eim
svo arir f ei frelsi.

Hrsla eirra djfullleg,
sem arir f ei a vita.
eir haldat mr og r,
mynd eigin eigin huga.

Kgarar gengu harast fram,
me gullin lofor vrum.
eir sitja eftir,allir sem einn,
egar vi flki,.........frum.

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Amazing Iceland and Icesave

Global politics review. Monetary System Change. NEW Hamiltonian Credit System, before we descend to New Dark Age. USA/GLOBAL HAMILTONIAN CREDIT SYSTEM NOW !


Birgir Rúnar Sæmundsson
Birgir Rúnar Sæmundsson

Interested in global politics, and survival of mankind and planet.

Supporter of the Constitution of United States of America.

Devoted enemy of the City of London, Brutish Empire.


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