Washington's Path to War with Russia




Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (former US Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy) returns to the programme for an extended interview on the ongoing tensions between Washington and Moscow. Drawing upon his extensive experience in government, academia and journalism, Dr. Roberts explains how Washington's current hostility towards Russia, with its demonisation of Vladimir Putin, is a bitter fruit of the neoconservative ideology of world hegemony that came to dominate US centres of power from the early 1990s onwards. Assessing the geopolitical landscape with an eye to historical, economic and political realities, Dr. Roberts judges there to be only two hopes for the world to avert nuclear Armageddon: a Europe decisively resistant to Washington diktat, or economic collapse of the US empire itself. We also discuss the murder of Boris Nemtsov, prospects for Washington-agitated colour revolutions in Central Asia/Caucasus, MH17 and the growth of the police state in the US.

Obama Places World on Fast Track to Thermonuclear War

In Monday's discussion with the LaRouche PAC Policy Committee, Lyndon LaRouche emphasized that the threat of thermonuclear war is upon us, and that it is a result of the Obama administration's insane British-authored policies. "We're at a doomsday time right now," LaRouche said.

"That war can happen early, now — in the short term, this week, next week, in those terms." LaRouche charged: "Obama is the author of global thermonuclear war!"

The pace of escalation towards war is indeed stunning. Jen Psaki, at the Feb. 2 State Department press briefing, was asked if U.S. providing lethal aid to Ukraine (as is now being actively promoted in Washington) might not lead to a proxy war against Russia. She responded glibly: "I don't think anybody wants to get into a proxy war with Russia." Obama's objective is only "to change the behavior of Russia," she said.

Also Monday, the Atlantic Council, Brookings, and Chicago Council on Global Affairs issued their much-promoted report which calls for the U.S. to up the ante against Russia by sending lethal aid to the neo-nazi government in Ukraine. It does so from the same delusional standpoint of "behavior modification" stated by Psaki:

"The U.S. and NATO should seek to create a situation in which the Kremlin considers the option of further military action in or against Ukraine too costly to pursue... raising risks and costs to Russia of any renewed major offensive... That requires providing direct military assistance." More 

State of the Union - Lyndon LaRouche - Jan 18, 2012

On Jan 18, 2012 Lyndon LaRouche, in the absence of a real President or Presidential candidate, took it upon himself to give the real State of the Union address.

Thanks for arriving early!

Lyndon LaRouche's State of the Union 2012 address will be broadcast live on this page tonight.

The live event will begin promptly at 8pm EST, 5pm PST.

Submit questions to infolarouchepac@gmail.com

LaRouche & The Slate: The Economic System, Part 2.
Lyndon LaRouche and the slate of six federal candidates present the second in a series of dialogues on The Economic System. For more on this series, including part one of this dialogue go to http://larouchepac.com/economicsystem 

Banned incredible Ron Paul Video

John F. Kennedy speech. Martin Luther King speech and Ron Paul speech. A must watch now.

Lyndon LaRouche - Remarks on the American Revolution

LaRouche PAC invites you to a series of upcoming events that must define the Presidential election process now in progress. On Wednesday, January 18th, Lyndon LaRouche will be delivering his own State of The Union Address, live at 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific on LaRouchePAC.com. Additionally, the series launched on January 9th, with Lyndon LaRouche and the expanding slate of Federal Congressional Candidates, will be continued, at least, for the next two weeks, January 16th and the 23rd. All these events will be broadcast on LaRouchePAC.com

“We're going for Constitutional issues, we're going to take over the United States for the measures that have to be taken, otherwise the United States can not be saved: Those two issues are, Glass-Steagall, and National Banking. Those are the only two issues for a Presidential election... Because having declared, which is true, that none of the Republican candidates are fit for the Presidency, or even for a serious political position in government [is not good enough.] [None] of them are qualified; and we have on the other side, we have Obama, obviously, the enemy of civilization: not qualified. So we don't have a Presidential candidate for the United States, none in sight, no one competent to become President of the United States in sight. And we're going into the greatest crisis, that the United States has ever experienced, right now, this year.”

The Roosevelt Factor - World in Review - January 6, 2012 



Rosa Luxemburg. The Accumulation of Capital - vol.1/3

This is a schoolbook example of a nation that had economic warfare run against it by the same financiers that have built up the biggest bubble in history that we will all have to be killed in order to "save".

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